About Us

Pamela Zero

An original founder of Writers Ventura,, Pamela Zero has had a long career in the arts.

An award-winning composer and vocalist, Zero started writing Science Fiction in 2019 and is the author of the Visitor Series, a trilogy featuring people pulled forward hundreds of thousands of years into the future.  

With vivid characters, unique environments, Zero focuses on real people and the bonds that make us able to endure, survive, and triumph – regardless of time or place.

You can learn more about Pamela and her work at http://thevisitorseries.com

Original Founders

Danielle Ste. Just

Danielle is the author of several science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories, and the upcoming Kindle Vella series Marjorie, Vampire Dentist. She is the host of the WRITERS|Ventura podcast, The Writer, the Reader and the Podcast. She loves stories of all kinds, and may or may not have an addiction to audiobooks. She lives and works in Camarillo, CA.

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See more of her work on her Amazon author page

Robina Kerr

As a graphic designer and world traveler, Robina has studied people all her life. Her superpower is digging deep into a character’s motivation and making the most of what makes them tick – both good and bad. She is currently writing a new shapeshifter series that crosses genres of science fiction, mystery and suspense with a little paranormal thrown in to keep all the characters on their toes.

Janus Blumë

Janus mostly writes inspirational nonfiction. She loves the interplay of words and ideas, and has always been fascinated with the hard questions, She describes herself as spiritually syncretic, and is a practicing member of a small denomination with roots in Brazilian shamanism and Kardakian spiritism. Janus is a Neopagan with twenty-five years experience as a practicing Witch. The author of Witchcraft, Power, and Transformation, she is currently working on a fantasy novel about a society where women still have the final say. 

Learn more about Janus at https://janusblume.com