Featured Writers

Featured Writers

Congratulations! You’re a featured writer at our next Writers’ Festival. We’re so excited about you being a part of the event!


A place at the table

Each writer will have a spot at a table to put their books, swag, and promo items. Right now the tables are eight feet long, with three writers per table. Please note, you will not be able to hang anything on the walls, but you can have a stand alone item behind you as long as it’s not wider than two feet and deeper than one foot. Need ideas for promo items? Or swag? Head to the How To page.

IMPORTANT – your spot at the table needs to be filled during the event. If you’re doing a reading or need to step away for a moment, your writer neighbor can cover for you, but if you’re away for more than 10 minutes or so, please arrange for someone to be at your spot. Any spots left empty for more than a half hour may be given away. Our waiting list of authors who want a place at the table is quite long.

Yes, you can sell your books and swag

Please bring your books and swag to sell! All items for sale must be related to your specific book or brand, so please make sure what you’re selling is appropriate and directly relates to your book or brand. Think about T-shirts, mugs, magnets, bookmarks, calendars, etc., in addition to your actual books. Anything that has your book or brand on it. Need ideas? Head to the How To page.

PLEASE NOTE – you will be in charge of your own financial transactions for this event. You’ll need to accept PayPal, Venmo, or some other electronic transfer of funds, or bring enough cash to handle change. If you have a Square® reader that works too.

A time slot to read your work

Nobody know your work like you do. We’ll have 10 minute slots open for writers to read from their work throughout the event. There will be time after reading for you to answer questions from your listeners. As a featured writer, you’re guaranteed a spot to read. If you don’t want to read your work, there’s no pressure.

Opportunities to promote your work

We’ve got a number of ways you can promote your work throughout the event. You can donate a book to one of our giveaways, we can include you in the Great T-Shirt Toss, you can sign up to be interviewed for the podcast, volunteer to be our Writer of the Moment and answer questions for readers, be a part of the Donate Books to Libraries program, be featured in our social media, be one of our featured Book Signers… Each festival has its own special promotional plans, so keep an eye out here and in your email for announcements of opportunities.


We’re excited to have a second room so we can offer workshops without intruding on table space. A variety of subjects are planned, some for writers, some for readers. Check the workshops page to see what’s available. If you’re interested in leading a workshop at a future festival, please drop us a line via the contact page or let one of the founders know when you see them at the event.

Here are your next steps:

  • Make sure your Writer’s Intake Form is complete and pay the $20 participant fee (see below for payment link).
  • Sign and return the waivers – Participating author, COVID compliance.
  • Stock up on copies of your book to sell.
  • Prepare a way to direct people to your book online if you are only selling online (Get a free custom QR code here), and display it prominently.
  • Prepare your financial details. How will you be accepting payment?
  • Get your swag ready! Bring extra for top-of-the-hour giveaways to direct more traffic to your table.
  • Decide on your reading excerpt – don’t forget to practice, and time yourself.
  • Pick which promotional opportunities you want to take advantage of and sign up for them.
  • Pick which workshops you want to attend and sign up for them.
  • Get active on social media, both on your own and WRITERS | Ventura’s. Invite everyone you know to the event! We will supply social media promotion materials on our site over the next couple of weeks.